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Facilities available

Quality Solutions Company has a unique business location with 200 seats equipped according to certified specifications, as well as  (AVAYA) phone system, which serves large business companies. It also has a number of programming and business development teams that provide services in the field of supportive software systems in all sectors (CRM SYS) in addition to a unique firewall system that provides security for all the company’s systems. In order to provide a unique service, we have introduced a 24-hour surveillance camera system as well as electronic doors. Quality Solutions Company owns 24/7 (Data Center) and backup systems that operates automatically in the event of any disruption of main systems, and it also has backup power source system


Quality Solutions Company has characteristics that make it distinctive through providing multiple features so that the customer gets the best results and the most important features are to respond immediately to calls and directly identify the customer’s interests to provide the best solutions and address all problems and respond to all inquiries. All of these features are evaluated through quality standards, as well as reports and statistics that reflect the required productivity. We also have the best elements in the field of outsourcing call centers at all levels of staff with the ability to speak more than one language (Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Urdu, Russian) on 24/7 basis.

Work Environment

Quality Solutions is designed to meet the highest standards of quality, which helps to transmit the positive energy of employees by providing high quality work stations in addition to sound and heat insulation systems. We are always interested in making updates to the work environment to provide maximum comfort for the company employees, in addition to entertainment and sports region. There is a place for break times. Quality Solutions Company is keen to provide the best types of tools for employees to maintain the work level and also maintain the employee public health, which reflected on performance.

Telephony Sys (AVAYA)

Quality Solutions Company has been keen to provide the best types of international systems specialized in the systems of call centers, so AVAYA system has been acquired which contains the following features that help to get the best rates of success in work:

  1. Interactive Voice Messaging System.
  2. Direct Monitoring Application.
  3. Calls Record Application.
  4. Performance Reports Application.
  5. Self-assessment Application.
  6. Email Management.
  7. Fax management.
  8. Management of live chat systems.
  9. Direct Marketing Campaigns Application.


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